Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reflection at Day 102

Everyman at CIO-Innovation
It's now been about 100 days since I left my 27-year gig during which I took no extended time off. The last 3+ months have been remarkably refreshing and reinforces my position that sabbaticals are mission critical for key people (especially IT). Removing oneself from the legacy systems, fiscal constraints, fiscal versus operational decision-making, cubical/office environment gives time to think about your craft and the value points with that practice. IT is, of course, all about process improvement and IT leadership is remarkably well-positioned to understand he breadth of organizational opportunities for innovative IT application, much more than the iFolks with the ever-hollow "there's an app for that." I neglected to mention that the time away gives very clear insights into the politics of IT in the AEC industry.

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